Liquidation of a company

If you no longer want to continue your business and you don‘t know what to do with your company? Put it into liquidation.

We will prepare all documents necessary to enter your company into liquidation . Before the process of liquidation of company starts, it is necessary to do several acts (operations) towards the liquidation of the company (paragraph 1 - 4):

1. Memorandum of the General Assembly, where:

  • We note cancellation of company by liquidation
  • We nominate a liquidator of the company
  • We present more suitable circumstances for the client
2. Specimen signature of the liquidator
3. Proposal for registration of changes registered in the Commercial Register data
4. Disclosure liquidation and challenges in the Business bulletin

Other services:

5. advice in connection with the entry of the company into liquidation and its course
6. bookkeeping for the duration of the liquidation
7. Preparation of the final report on the liquidation
8. Preparation of the memorandum of the general assembly for approval of the final report and proposal for profit distribution
9. Archiving registry records after liquidation